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The extract from three moor plants, vitamin E and plant oils care for the facial skin, making it supple, smooth and velvety soft. Image: Eduard Gerlach GmbH
The extract from three moor plants, vitamin E and plant oils care for the facial skin, making it supple, smooth and velvety soft. Image: Eduard Gerlach GmbH

Press release -

GERLAVIT Moor Vitamin Cream: Moor plant extract and vitamins - the new facial care combination

With a richly formulated care complex of moor plant extract, vitamins and plant oils, GERLAVIT Moor Vitamin Cream moisturizes sensitive and dry skin, regenerates the natural barrier of the skin, and renders the skin more supple and resilient. Extracts of Icelandic moss, peat moss and the fern plant common polypody replenish the moisture depots of the skin. Vitamin E smooths the skin and helps to counteract premature skin ageing. Provitamin B5 (Panthenol) moisturizes and alleviates dry skin symptoms. Vitamin-rich wheat germ and avocado oil protect the natural skin barrier, while jojoba oil renders the skin beautifully smooth and supple. The new formulation does not contain parabens, scents, silicone or paraffin oils. GERLAVIT Moor Vitamin Cream will be available on from August 2021 in foot care and podology practices, cosmetic institutes and pharmacies (75 mL tube: € 19.95 RRP).

Peatlands are sensitive ecosystems that support habitats for countless animal and plant species. 3.3 million square kilometres of peatland worldwide sequester about half of the world's carbon dioxide. This makes them essential climate protectors. Peatlands are also highly effective water reservoirs and act as a natural regulatory factor for a sustainable supply of moisture. They rise by up to one metre in rainy years. During dry periods, the moorlands slowly release this water.

GERLAVIT Moor Vitamin Cream utilizes this ability to store moisture for facial care. The cream combines the skin-friendly components from three moor plants into one extract:

Icelandic moss, peat moss and the fern plant common polypody. They are specialists in moisture management.

Three moor plants for well-filled moisture depots

Peat moss is native to nutrient-poor wetlands, and is also found near and in bodies of water. Its light-permeable cells store 20 to 30 times their weight in water. Icelandic moss survives under the extreme conditions found in alpine and arctic regions. Storage carbohydrates (polysaccharides) attach to the membranes of the plant cells in order to do this. They act as a moisture buffer to protect against water loss. Common polypody is also part of the moor plant extract, and has a high content of amino acids which are also found in human skin as a natural moisturizing factor. GERLAVIT Moor Vitamin Cream can replenish moisture depots with moor plant extract, especially in dry, sensitive facial skin, and can improve its firmness. The skin becomes beautifully delicate and supple. The extract also supports the metabolic processes in the skin. This improves skin elasticity.

Premium vitamins and natural plant oils
for smooth and well-nourished facial skin

Provitamin B5 (panthenol) also contributes to intensive skin moisturization, supporting skin regeneration and alleviating symptoms of dry skin. Vitamin E is another skin nutrient. It protects facial skin from free radicals and helps to prevent premature skin ageing. It is present in the cream in the form of vitamin E acetate. Wheat germ oil provides plenty of vitamin E as well, and there's more: Together with avocado oil, it provides various unsaturated fatty acids. These are naturally found in skin lipids and are an important stabilizing factor for the protective barrier function of the skin. Both oils have outstanding skin care properties. This also applies to jojoba oil, a liquid plant wax that is very similar to the natural protective film found on human skin. This accounts for the outstanding skin compatibility of jojoba oil.

Ideal for dry and sensitive facial skin:
Use twice daily for best results!

Apply GERLAVIT Moor Vitamin Cream to cleansed skin in mornings and evenings. It is dermatologically tested, suitable for diabetics, and contains no parabens, scents, silicons or paraffin oils. With regular use, it normalizes the skin condition. It restores the equilibrium of the fat and moisture balance while alleviating symptoms of dry skin.

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Product information:

New: GERLAVIT Moor Vitamin Cream

Facial care for dry and sensitive skin

GERLAVIT Moor Vitamin Cream is a facial moisturizer which gently and smoothly nourishes dry, sensitive skin. Moor plant extract replenishes the skin's moisture depots, while vitamin E smooths the skin and counteracts premature skin ageing. Panthenol is soothing and relieves itching. Wheat germ and avocado oil protect the natural skin barrier and nourish the skin. Jojoba oil renders the skin smooth and supple. GERLAVIT Moor Vitamin Cream is dermatologically tested. It contains no parabens, silicon or paraffin oils. It is unscented and also suitable for diabetics.

75 mL tube 19.95 Euros (RRP)

Available starting in August from foot care and podology practices, cosmetics institutes and pharmacies.



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