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New from GERLACH TECHNIK: The TITAN foot care device
New from GERLACH TECHNIK: The TITAN foot care device

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The TITAN foot care device from GERLACH TECHNIK: Innovation with high performance, ext-reme quiet, and strong design

The innovative suction device by GERLACH TECHNIK is setting new standards for performance, noise levels and design. The medical device (Cl. IIa) also offers significant hygienic and ergonomic advantages. With the new TITAN, modern and comfortable foot care work is possible in practically any environment.

The new Titan delivers a high suction performance of up to 250 litres per minute with consistently high power across all speed ranges. At 32 to a maximum of 45 decibels, the device is remarkably quiet while running, approximately comparable to the ticking of a wrist watch, and slightly louder than whispering, quiet music or a quiet residential street at night. Even at the highest speed level - 40,000 rpm - the TITAN offers a pleasantly quiet, undisturbed working environment.

The hygienic glass display is used similarly to a smartphone. The speed and suction performance can be intuitively set on the slider touch panel with a swipe or touch. The full glass front allows especially easy hygienic cleaning without having to remove operating elements.

The handpiece also offers excellent ergonomics. For safety reasons, the on/off switch on the TITAN is located on the motor handpiece. The position is practical, since it also allows for quick cutter changes. Changes are particularly convenient with the built-in automatic cutter clamp. The oval handpiece shape ensures ergonomic working conditions, especially for longer treatments. The rotating tube on the handpiece relieves the wrist. The grip surface is ribbed for optimal control of the handpiece. It fits in the hand securely and doesn't slip while working on the patient's feet.

The dust bag fill indicator on the display offers another hygiene and safety advantage. It signals the practitioner when the suction device dust bag needs to be changed. The dust bag has a spacious volume of 330 ml. The filters used have a filtration efficiency of 99.95 percent.

The timeless design of the TITAN integrates into any working environment. Its performance is evident in the AT/NT clean foot care cabinet, both in the practice and for mobile use in the mobile foot care case. The compact dimensions (345 x 150 x 138 mm) fit perfectly into the equipment compartment of the mobile foot care case, only adding a weight of only 3.1 kilograms to the Gerlach case.

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The new TITAN suction device by Gerlach Technik, in the video check:



With its two brands, GEHWOL and GERLACH TECHNIK, Eduard Gerlach GmbH is one of the most popular complete providers of foot care products and technology. Its full product range includes products with various pharmaceutical forms, galenics and active substance formulations and for different skin types and skin problems. These products are available exclusively from pharmacies, foot care practices and cosmetics institutes. 

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Eduard Gerlach GmbH with its two brands GEHWOL and GERLACH TECHNIK is regarded as one of the most important complete providers of foot care preparations and units for equipping foot care practices and cosmetic institutes. There as well as in pharmacies, GEHWOL preparations are also the most widely sold cosmetics for foot care – and also the best known in all of Germany. “Everything for the well-being of the feet”: With innovative performance and consistently continuing to develop product ranges to professionally keep the feet healthy – that’s our claim. After all, health – aside from absence of illness – also means a comprehensive sense of well-being. This concerns both aesthetic claims of being well cared for and the feeling of not having any problems – from head to toe.