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When it comes to foot care, prevention is usually the main focus. Graphic: Eduard Gerlach GmbH
When it comes to foot care, prevention is usually the main focus. Graphic: Eduard Gerlach GmbH

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GEHWOL Foot Care Trends 2022-2023: Foot care transforms from a taboo subject to a lifestyle theme

In Germany, foot care is just not on the agenda of older generations anymore. Instead, GEHWOL Foot Care Trends shows us: Foot care is becoming a lifestyle. Many people consider pampering their feet part of a carefree and healthy lifestyle. More than half of respondents also use foot care rituals for personal relaxation. Well-groomed feet also play a role in existing or prospective relationships - for both men and women alike. Along with being a problem-solving and preventive lifestyle, foot care is one thing above all: sexy.

When it comes to foot care importance, the trend in Germany in recent years has been positive. This is also confirmed by the latest results from GEHWOL Foot Care Trends. 76% of Germans say it is (very) important to take care of their feet. In the age groups of 30 to 39 years olds and persons aged 60 years and older, more than 80% rate the importance of foot care as high. This also applies for any (potential) partner. Regardless of their relationship status, both men (71%) and women (74%) find ungroomed feet unsexy. It is not surprising that demand increases when you value your feet.

What motivates you to take care of your feet?

Germans agree that everyone wants to have healthy feet. On the other hand, their care motivations vary widely. GEHWOL Foot Care Trends has identified several types:

  • "Health-conscious care enthusiasts" (40%) will rarely have problems with their feet. Preventive care is their main focus.
  • "Risk-conscious preventers" (34 %), by contrast, often struggle with skin problems. Which is why continuous prevention is a high priority for them.
  • But it is a different story for "problem-oriented improvers (18%)". They only look after their feet when there are acute problems.

Foot problems on the rise

Since the previous survey, the proportion of people who had at least one foot problem within the last 12 months increased by 10 percent to 85%. Dry skin, excessive callus and cold feet are some of the most common issues. 30 to 39 year-olds are especially frequently affected (91%). This means that foot problems are not just some niche issue for older generations. Women are twice as likely as men to state that they suffer from issues such as cold feet or chafing. This also supports the finding that men are more likely to be health care enthusiasts, while women are more likely to be risk-conscious preventers.

Three good reasons to care for your feet

If Germans could have their way, solving problems would not be the only reason for foot care. People that view foot care as (very) important primarily associate it with a positive body feeling; they value a beautiful, well-groomed appearance. But a conscious lifestyle is high on the agenda, too:

  • 31% of respondents say that they want to do something good for themselves, and associate foot care with a positive body feeling.
  • A beautiful and well-groomed appearance is an especially important goal for women - and for 27% of persons overall.
  • 28% of respondents - increasingly also including men - state that a conscious lifestyle with (foot) care is important to them, including exercise and a healthy diet.

What are the requirements for (foot) care products?

According to GEHWOL Foot Care Trends, Germany is a country of foot care enthusiasts. Which poses the interesting questions of how care is provided, and with what. One survey result: Concept care is trendy. More than half of Germans prefer to combine products from the same brand, such as a foot bath, foot scrub or foot cream. Since the previous survey, the two main requirements for products remain high on the list: Problem solving and prevention. The latter plays an especially important role for health care enthusiasts and risk-conscious preventers. Almost 75% of respondents also use products with essential oils. This is particularly true for women and 30 to 39 year olds. The main reasons for this is due to the care effect and activating/stimulating effects.

Foot care is a lifestyle

About 80% of respondents have a care ritual. Almost half of them use rituals specifically for foot care. People and especially women who view importance foot care as very important attach significance to rituals. Ritual care is mostly about relaxation, efficacy and a sensual experience. There are definitely differences between care types. Persons who are prone to skin problems and consistently take care of their feet as a preventive measure ("risk-conscious preventers") and those who only take care of their feet when acute problems develop ("problem-oriented improvers") both value efficacy. Although they rarely have foot problems, persons who focus on foot care and prevention ("health-conscious care enthusiasts") want a relaxing effect. Foot care is part of a healthy self-care lifestyle. GEHWOL Foot Care Trends is a representative online survey with 1,000 respondents in Germany. The survey has taken place every two years since 2014, and was carried out this year in cooperation with Statista.

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GEHWOL Foot Care Trends 2022/23 (Statista GmbH), n = 1,000 people in Germany aged 16+, online representative, April 2022. Trends online:

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